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cropped-fuchimarta-e1455287388415.jpgThe Pelaez family moved into Atlanta in 1981. Gus’s Upholstery was open for business in Atlanta in 1986. Our business is currently located in Marietta GA,and in Panama City Fl. We take pride in providing our upholstery services to the community. We started just doing traditional upholstery for small business and families. Later, due to many requests by customers we began to offer special skills with working on antiques. It generated a growth in the business. Gus Upholstery became a common name among the community members who appreciated the high quality work that this business is known for. Every piece of furniture goes through a detailed inspection by me.
In the early nineties, an addition was made to Gus’s Upholstery. Martha Pelaez (my Wife) started to create custom-made window treatments. She has provided interior design and window treatments for homes that range from thirty thousand dollars to homes that exceed the one million dollar range. Martha has worked with a number of the best decorators in the metro Atlanta area. She currently has customers in a number of different states.